Sunday, September 17, 2006

Never read Dilbert the day before returning to work

I am currently working in a role that will give me far more exposure to the commercial side of our business; one of my key responsibilities will be providing technical "sanity" to proposals and bids. Given that I'm still new to one or two of the aspects of the role, I did not need to read this sequence of cartoons:


(p.s. That split infinitive in the first cell of the second cartoon is annoying me. This, I suspect, is the sign that I should go to bed)


Jon Deane said...

Argh, Richard! There is simply nothing incorrect about a split infinitive. Ever. It can affect the flow of the sentence and the choice is with the author.

Unless we're speaking Latin, which we are not.

Richard Brown said...

To unthinkingly and egregiously split an infinitive is to make a sentence unintelligible. Sometimes.