Thursday, September 21, 2006

Windows System Restore


This little slice of magic has just rescued me from a "computer won't boot because Richard is a silly boy who shouldn't have done what he just did" incident.

That is all.


Andrew Ferrier said...

Yeah, I've had my life saved by a very similar tool - ConfigSafe - in the days before Windows System Restore existed:

These are the kinds of tools that never seem that important at the time - you keep backups, right? - but when you want to get on with something, and right now, they are invaluable.

Richard Brown said...

Utterly brilliant piece of technology.

I do use a backup (TSM, which runs every so often) but, as you say, when you want to rollback a disastrous driver update, there's nothing better

Steve Cox said...

Try getting a virus, system restore also handily backs that up too :) That and the couple of gigs worth of space it was using is why I turned it off

Richard Brown said...

Well.... it's not an innoculation against all possible problems but I sure was glad it was there :-)