Monday, September 04, 2006

Owl Magnets

There's nothing better than seeing a self-satisfied, over-earnest, smug man being mocked.

Look at my beautiful face!


andyp said...

Read this in the paper version.

Whilst I agree with your views on the politician in question, this does make me despair - an attempt at a useful application of technology was totally destroyed here. Are we all too immature when it comes to politics?

Richard Brown said...

Are we all too immature when it comes to politics?

Possibly. But I think a lot of people took a violent dislike to this particular minister's nauseating belief that government is the solution to all the world's problems and that the world would be better if only the government interered even more in our lives.

If this had the effect of making him pause even for one second, then it was a good thing :-)

However, you do have a point.... had the exercise been performed differently (e.g. by not providing such a ludicrous starting point) then it could have been a valuable exercise and I, too, would have been disappointed had it been vandalised.