Sunday, July 10, 2005

Building a community

The IBM products I specialise in are the market leaders in their segments. They are also technically advanced and highly functional... in other words, they have reached their top due to both assured sales & marketing and technical supremacy.

Clients are building valuable solutions... betting their businesses on them.

Yet... with the exception of the WebSphere MQ family of products (who have a thriving community here), one doesn't see much discussion of the products by the media or other "thought leaders" in our space.

It is unusual to see a think-piece about integration in the online magazines, for example - and the articles one does read are either verbatim copies of press releases or so shockingly ill-informed as to be useless or dangerous.

Is this just what one should expect when working in a somewhat "niche" area of our industry or does it reflect a failure of us (myself included) to engage the wider world?

I'm not sure what the answer is but it does concern me.

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