Thursday, July 28, 2005

So near and yet so far

I have to travel to San Francisco on Sunday for a series of meetings related to my Very. Secret. Project.

I'm flying with Virgin (woo!) For reasons I don't fully recall, I agreed to fly economy (how did I let that happen again?!)

Luckily, it's a full fare (B) ticket and so eligible for upgrading. I called Virgin yesterday to see how many miles I'd need to spend to get a better seat.

It turns out I had almost enough to fly Upper Class out and Premium Economy back. At this point I'm feeling very excited. Upper Class is very nice and Premium Economy is a lot better than coach.

Except.... I was 400 miles short :-( I started furiously scanning their website trying to figure out the cheapest way of quickly accumulating another 400 miles. I was so near...... I only need 400 more miles..... quick, quick.... buy something... anything!... get those miles!!

The thrill was short-lived. They didn't have any seats available anyway. Grrr!!

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