Friday, July 29, 2005


I'm still failing to decide what my first investment should be now that my trading account is open. One site I'm paying particular attention to is "The Watchful Investor". Perhaps because it reinforces my own prejudices, I find it a very enjoyable read.

There's too much good stuff in there for me to cover everything.

However, one theme he keeps referring to that I've not seen elsewhere is his claim (made in a style intended to imply it's fact and not opinion - look at the last paragraph of this post) that the UK is in recession. I suspect that the figures will, in retrospect, prove him to be correct. The amount of bad news (UK Retail figures.... large companies closing.... empirical evidence obtained by simply observing how many shops are closing down on the high street) means that things certainly are worse in the UK economy than the press admits. I wonder if the press is behind the ball on this or if I'm just being a little too pessimistic!

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A ha!

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