Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stating the obvious

Hmmm.... potential employers, clients and lovers could find one's online musings and draw conclusions from what they read. Shocked. I'm truly Shocked. You'll be telling me people form opinions based on first impressions next. I was going to publish company confidential information, libel a celebrity and post naked pictures of myself* but this article has made me think twice.

The hilarious thing is the collection of comments on Metafilter. Summary: "I deserve the right to broadcast my innermost thoughts and most personal details to the world and not have other people read them and form an opinion of me based on them". Fools.

* the unfortunately composed photograph of my Vegas bathroom does not count. It was a trick of the light.


Ken said...

Actually the portion of Tribble's article that I found most disturbing was that the committee found the mere act of blogging more threatening than any actual content.

Richard Brown said...

That's a fair point, Ken - I hadn't picked up on it.