Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Economy Flex"

I'd forgotten how miserable it is flying in Economy. I am writing this on a flight to Copenhagen to attend some product training. SAS have a curious three-class cabin on this route: "Business", "Economy Flex" and "Economy". Given that the plane only seats about seven people (I'm flying from London City Airport), this does seem excessive.

I think Economy Flex is for passengers who have paid top dollar for full economy and "regular" Economy is for those of us who travel on dirt-cheap non-changeable, non-refundable tickets.

Either way, it means I have to pay for my food and drink.

Not impressed.


Andrew Ferrier said...

The SAS are a crack special forces unit. I don't think we should be surprised that they aren't too great at customer service.


Jon Deane said...

SAS are renowned for being shit, but considering a flight from LCY to Copenhagen lasts about 40 seconds, is it really a big deal?

Ben said...

That's a pity, I thought this might be an article about a new concept in economics... :-)