Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not enough sockets!

Diamond Geezer makes a very good point: why are there never enough sockets where you need them?

We're currently designing a new kitchen and I've specified five double sockets in addition to the ones the built-in appliances need, plus an extra double socket in the breakfast-bar/island-unit so that I can plug my laptop in.

I hope that will be enough sockets.

I've even specified that a socket is to be put inside a cupboard so that I can put my wireless router in there without any cables showing (I'm having a phone point moved to a point immediately behind the cupboard)

The problem isn't isolated to homes, though. A common complaint from conference goers is that venues have insufficient power-points... and don't get me started on airports.

Until wireless power distribution is perfected (my idea of powerful lasers in the ceiling and photovoltaic cells on the tops of devices fell flat when a friend pointed out what might happen if you put your hand in the way...), I think the answer might be for office floors to be built entirely out of power sockets. Forget tiles or carpet. Just blanket the floor in sockets.

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