Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Private Sector vs Public Sector

My wallet was stolen when I was out on Friday.

It contained the following:

  • Barclaycard
  • American Express Credit Card
  • LloydsTSB Mastercard
  • Barclays Connect Card
  • Oyster Card (+ gold record card and photocard)
  • Driving Licence (photo card)
  • Book of first class stamps
  • £60 cash

I noticed the loss very quickly and called many of the card issuers on the way home. 

Once I arrived home, I cancelled my Oyster Card and filed a crime report (both online).

On Saturday morning, I called the DVLA to request a new driving licence. They were the only people to charge me. £19. (I was robbed twice!)

Interestingly, however, when I arrived home this evening, my new driving licence and my new Oyster card were waiting for me.

There is no sign, as yet, of my new credit or debit cards.

Poor show, private sector!

(Luckily, I deliberately don't carry all my cards around with me and so I have been surviving with my Intelligent Finance Debit Card; having only one card is curiously scary... what do I do if a machine swallows it?!)

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