Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How to crash an in-flight entertainment system

I'm sure there are laws against this sort of thing. I'd have been too scared of the immigration police even to have tried this experiment.

Via Naquada


Darren said...

That is funny.

Coming back from the US last week the inflight entertainment crashed and they tried to reset it, but then it still didn't work. They then came over the PA system and said they'd been in contact with their engineering department (which itself seemed impressive) and they had to leave it switched off for an hour before rebooting it.

It reminded me of what used to happen on my C64 and Amiga sometimes were somehow after a crash the code would get left in memory and it was only after having the power disconnected for 30mins or so you could start up again. I've not had that happen on anything in the last ten years, I wonder if a different type of memory is now used.

Richard Brown said...

"I wonder if a different type of memory is now used."

Yes... any supplies of the old type are clearly bought in bulk by the airlines!