Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Interesting People

Andy invited me along to drinks that James and Dennis had organised in Spitalfields this evening.

I was a little apprehensive about going along because my blogging has been a little light of late and I'm not closely involved in the cool stuff that is going on in parts of IBM at present.

However, knowing that Roo would be there, I figured the sheer embarrassment of IBMers (that's the collective noun, right?) present would be sufficient to give me cover.

I needn't have worried: I met several people I didn't already know, had some very interesting conversations... and the wine was stunningly good.

Now, I should admit that I usually restrict my attention to bottles in the £5 - £10 range when shopping but the atmosphere of Bedales (combined with the very reasonable corkage) encouraged me to try a £20 bottle I would not normally have considered.  Well worth trying.

So, thanks for inviting me along, Andy; I had a great time.

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