Thursday, August 24, 2006

The end of the DLR

The Docklands Light Railway has been remarkably reliable for all the time I have lived in longer.   Whether due to luck, good maintenance or youth, it has been free of the "points failures", "signal failures" and "train failures" so beloved of the underground.

Sadly, no longer.

There must have been at least three or four separate problems on the DLR in two weeks: I can think of three separate points failure on the stretch between Poplar and Bank/Tower Gateway alone.

Either there's a rogue train out there that is ripping up bits of track or something has gone very wrong...


Jon Deane said...

The computer went belly up last night and stopped the whole DLR. Apparently, their reboot doesn't failsafe sensibly.

Richard Brown said...

Ahhh.... I guess a points failure doesn't need to be mechanical.

I just realised how cool the DLR website is!