Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Investment Update!

Chris Wilkinson asks in the comments to this article how my investments are doing.

For those who follow such things, my initial investments were made in August and September last year. I discussed them here.

The status of my investments as of close of business today (1 August 2006) is as follows:

InstrumentDateBuy priceCurrent priceReturn including dividends
FTSE 100 Tracker12 August 2005540.90590.5011.45%
FTSE 100 Tracker22 August 2005540.12590.5011.61%
MSCI Japan24 August 2005613.50708.5016.46%
MSCI Japan19 September 2005640.00708.5011.63%
Morrison (Wm)16 September 2005183.97203.2512.49%
Premium Bonds16 September 2005 (est)100.001002.5%
Total Return7.3%

There are several points to note

  • Premium Bonds suck as an investment. I put a big chunk into Premium Bonds and, as you can see, they performed tragically compared with the equity investments (but then I guess there were a little safer).

  • I didn't reinvest dividends.... I know... I know.... I just never got round to it

  • These figures don't include the annual £25 charge from Selftrade

  • Stripping out the Premium bonds, the annual return was 12.63% - beating the FTSE by about a percent.

  • These figures are for an approximately 11-11.5 month period

So, all in all, the my little foray into the investment game has paid off so far. I've now sold my premium bonds to cover the stamp duty I have to pay on a flat I'm buying and am hoping not to have to touch anything else for a while to come.


Wilko said...

Looks like Morrisons is shooting up...well anticipated.

Should be interesting to see how those interest rate changes affect your trackers though !

I think I read somewhere that you use SelfTrade... How are they? I havent signed up yet but they look pretty good.

Richard Brown said...

Good grief! What happened?!!

I don't look at the Morrison share price for a day and it shoots up. Wow.... :-)

SelfTrade - can't fault them really.

Website is easy to use... seems quick enough. The fees aren't terrible.

They do have a habit of being bought though... they've changed ownership (and name) twice since I've been a customer....