Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thunder and lightning (very, very frightening)

Typical.... you move into a new flat with a nice, large patio/terrace/balcony thing and then it rains all weekend, with thunder and lightning for extra effect.

For those who are interested, here is a photo of the development:

Given my interest in all things economic, it is immensely gratifying that my new address is "Free Trade Wharf".


Andrew Ferrier said...

OK, I am now officially jealous. Maybe you ought to post another copy, though, with your windows circled. If they are up on the penthouse floor, that will boost the wow factor further.

Richard Brown said...

Hehe... sadly not on the penthouse floor. The picture isn't mine so I'm not sure I'm allowed to download it, modify it and repost it. Would that be fair use?

I can paint a picture with words though... the flat is on the lowest floor, on the furthest right of the picture (whilst still being in the modern red-brick building and not in the old one next door)