Monday, August 14, 2006

SCA is a "Winner"

I was browsing for articles on SCA (Service Component Architecture) and noticed this press release from Cape Clear.

It's great to see such wide vendor support for SCA and I was particularly interested to read Cape Clear quote Gartner Research VP Jess Thompson say: "SCA Is a Winner in the Quest to Establish a Common Notation for SOA".

I guess it shows (yet again) how I fail to keep track of things that I should be on top of but it was the first time I'd seen such a clear endorsement.


James Governor said...

gartner calls it a winner? interesting - i will have to spend more time working out why it will fail then. ;-)

seriously though dont assume more vendors adopting it means more success-at least not until its deeply entrenched in the enterprise. think how many vendors have endorsed WS-I specs over the last five years. winners - it must be said, get things done.

Richard Brown said...


winners - it must be said, get things done.


I see wider vendor support as a sign that they also see value in the concepts behind SCA. However, any given client is only going to buy a single vendor's implementation - and, as you say, it's the aggregate success across all clients and all vendors that will ultimately determine whether this approach is a winner.