Monday, May 22, 2006

Am I missing something?

I've just seen an advert for "Digital UK" on ITV2.

Digital UK is the organisation tasked with encouraging TV owners in the UK to invest in a model capable of receiving digital broadcasts.

ITV2 is only available in multi-channel homes.

Am I missing something?

The worst thing is that I have a horrible feeling that I'm paying for this organisation in some indirect way.


LeeChee said...

I guess it's targetted at people watching Freeview channels like ITV2 using an analogue telly and a Freeview box?!?

Richard Brown said...

Yeah.... but those people are already sorted, surely?

Why do we need people who can already receive digital to do anything at all?

I was thinking that perhaps the advert was aimed at subscribers to analogue cable. I didn't realise there were many of them left. Perhaps I was wrong?

andyp said...

The only way I can get digital is by paying a subscription to NTL, which I refuse to do on principle. Ergo, no upgrade. It sucks. Not that I'm missing ITV2 or anything.

Dead Ringers last night did a brilliant skit featuring "Countdown Extra" on E4 - pointless stuff seems to be on these other channels.

Only thing I'm interested in is some kind of music channel, and a 24-hour news channel (preferably News 24 so I can laugh at their mistakes)

Richard Brown said...


News 24 is getting more watchable but I still find it tedious, slow and biased when compared to Sky News.

(Who'd have thought Murdoch could produce a service that good?!)

LeeChee said...

pointless stuff seems to be on these other channels

OMG - I can't believe you're actually younger than me :)

Richard Brown said...

He only *says* he's younger... He even went so far as to organise "30th" Birthday Drinks. Most of the others fell for it. Not me....