Monday, May 29, 2006

SOA Reference Model

I was following James' links to the general outrage over the ludicrous coining of the term "SOA 2.0" (I mean.... honestly!) and found this linked from Technoracle.

It appears that the OASIS folks have built a reference model to explain, in architectural terms, what SOA means.


I need to find some time to read through this and see how it corrsponds to what IBM says it means..... I'm rather hoping we're all saying a similar kind of thing :-)


D Nickull said...

The OASIS RM for SOA is largely synchronized with the IBM big red book of SOA patterns. We took account for this work and others including the W3C Web Services Architecture, which arguably tried to be both a reference model and architecture within one document. Many of us worked on that project.

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the comment, Duane... and for reminding me that I really must get round to delivering on this promise and actually reading it :-)