Monday, May 22, 2006

Blog Post Length

Bill Higgins asks what the optimal length of blog posting is. His question was prompted by Irving W-B's Reflections on his year of blogging.

My preference is for short, snappy posts and for them to be made regularly. Perhaps it means I'm still tied to the world of appointment media but I particularly like Raymond Chen's technique of delivering a short-ish post every day at the same time.

He's not the only one to do this (Tim Worstall is a British political blogger who can be relied on to produce a stream of snappy insights at roughly the same time every day but I promised I'd keep politics off this blog so I'll say no more :-) )

Does this mean I don't read blogs with long postings? No... it just means I tend to put them to one side when I'm doing one of my regular "speed reads" through my reader. The danger is that they'll expire from my viewer before I get to them but I guess that would be my loss.


Devil's Kitchen said...

Most people seem to think that my posts are too long. However, there are plenty of others catering to the short and snappy market; I'll keep on posting preciselyt what I want to, and at the length that I want to too.


Richard Brown said...

I think yours are just right. If the writing style is fast-paced and the article well-structured, even a longer posting can be consumed quickly.