Friday, May 19, 2006

Making it tangible

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me quite how intangible the stuff I do really is.

I'm currently working full time on a project for a communications company which involves lots of interesting SOA, Process Choreography, Business Process Modeling and integration issues. I'm leading the SOA assembly team.... we're the ones wiring everything together, so to speak.

In a different team is one of my colleagues: he is the voice guy.... and yesterday made me realise he had by far the cooler job. His day seemed to consist of dialing numbers on cell-phones, desk phones and soft-phones and watching various other phones ring. What made it fun to watch was that everything was being routed through a piece of software that had trace turned on.

Watching the trace whizz across the screen whenever he pressed "green" or "red" or picked up a handset was very fun.

So, whilst the stuff my team is doing to integrate all the voice stuff with some interesting back-end technologies will make for a very useful solution, there's no escaping the fact that making real, physical devices beep and ring and flash makes for a far more tangible work experience than musing over flavours of doc/lit wrapped web services.


Chris H said...

Hmmm I do worry about you, maybe you should station yourself in the server room and watch the network and disk lights flash as you work on the server would be therapeutic for you?

Richard Brown said...

Whatever :-p

You're a hardware junkie... admit it!

Chris H said...

You've got me there, I have just worked out how to get the lights to flash on our new IBM blade centre, its almost hypnotising, actually it may be, its saying to me buy more IBM blades!

Richard Brown said...

While you're at it... Buy... More.... WebSphere........ Buy.... More...... WebSphere..... you... know... it... makes.... sense....



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