Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liverpool Street Station

When are they going to fix their ticket machines?

I'm commuting to Ipswich most weeks at the moment and have the privilege of travelling through Liverpool Street. I quite like the station. It's bright, airy and more relaxed than Waterloo.

I also like travelling on one railway. They're (usually) reliable, the staff are friendly and their timetable matches my schedule.

But... how long is it going to take them to fix their ticket machines? I've tried every card in my wallet and have encountered more error messages than I ever thought possible. It means I have to get up ten minutes earlier to wait in a queue to buy my ticket at the counter and I don't like it.


Roo said...

Liverpool Street might be my new favourite station. You're right about it being light and airy. It's very close to Bedales too, which is where a bunch of us from eightbar went last night to chat about Web 2.0 with James Governor from RedMonk, Ben Watson from Adobe, Peter Bell from Microsoft and others.

If only the journey home were as good. 3 hours from Waterloo to Southampton was a bit painful.

Richard Brown said...

Three hours?!!!


As for last night's drinks.... don't rub it in.... I saw the event in James' blog, made a mental note to ask for an invite and then completely forgot. D'oh!!

Glad you enjoyed it... I liked the writeup on eightbar.

roo said...

Yeah. Most painful journey ever. The train turned into some buses between Winchester and Farnborough, but not nearly enough busses for such a full crowded train. Rob and I endured a long wait for taxi, and I think I'll sleep well tonight. :-)

Shame you didn't make it last night, but I'm sure there will be more events like it, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Richard Brown said...

Re: doing it again. Definitely... I liked the idea of hosting one ourselves (of course, my vote would be for it to be in London but I suppose it could be a good excuse to come to Hursley :-) )