Saturday, May 13, 2006

Google Trends

How "Gendal" is not in their database, I'll never know. Grrrr.

If you were ever in any doubt about the amazing power of globalisation, look no further than the "city rankings" for each of these searches...

Service Oriented Architecture
Web 2.0
Enterprise Architecture

I know my limitations and I understand comparative advantage. Those graphs tell me all I need to know on where to focus my ongoing education if I still want to have a job in five years.

A few other interesting tidbits... IT Governance - ever wonder why you'd never heard of this before 2004, here's your answer....

And finally... talk about monomania! SAP...

[EDIT 2006-05-13] Hmmm... seems the trends happen pretty quickly... the graphs have changed! Summary: SAPers spend a lot of time in Walldorf searching on themselves, Enterprise Architecture will continue to exist, all the other technologies are being aggressively learned worldwide and in a lot of lower-cost economies in particular]

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