Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm going to be on iTunes!

One of my areas of expertise is versioning and dynamicity. These terms are often abused and overloaded but I use them to refer to the general problems around managing change, protecting yourself against changes you don't control and being able to dynamically change the behaviour of a solution without having to rewrite or redploy it.

These issues have always been around but they're particularly important in business process management solutions (where individual business processes can run for a long time) and in the service-oriented world (where you are, by design, very dependent on services provided by others).

I was interviewed about this last night for an IBM developerWorks podcast. It should come out in a couple of weeks. The really neat thing is that our podcasts are available on the iTunes Music Store (search the podcasts section for IBM).

So.... I now have a blog worth many millions (it's just a matter of time...) and will soon begin my lucrative recording career. Who says IT is dull :-p

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"Who says IT is dull..?"
Hmm...well attractive girls mainly