Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reflections on teaching in Madrid

Tomorrow is the last day of my two one-week trips to Spain. I've been teaching a class of colleagues about WebSphere Process Server version 6.0.

I have a tendency to talk very fast so it is always a challenge for me (and my audience!) when I present to non-English speakers. I do my best to slow down, enunciate clearly and use simple language but I still find myself speeding up if I get to a particularly interesting section or deviate from the slides to make an alternative argument for a particular decision or claim.

The audience were excellent - highly skilled, alert and keen to participate. I'm slightly concerned that they seemed more interested in learning all the English wods I used that they hadn't previously heard ("Peculiarity" was a favourite) but I'll let it pass...

It has been a valuable fortnight - but I can't wait to get home.

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