Monday, November 07, 2005

James Governor has more insight than is sporting.

The ever-fascinating James Governor of RedMonk suggests today that IBM revive the San Francisco Project.

He sees it as a way to reduce what he perceives as our exposure in the business applications space in the face of increasing consolidation. Consolidation in the business applications space certainly makes my job in enterprise middleware interesting. I use the word "interesting" deliberately... competing and cooperating with the same people is good for the intellect :-) In my practice, however, whether an application vendor is independent or owned by Oracle doesn't really matter. The value I deliver comes from providing an integration layer independent of any one application. Customers don't like lock-in.

Nevertheless, I do know a couple of people who used to work on "San Francisco"; I'll have to ask them to tell me all about it and what happened to it.

Independently of this, of course, the concept of business applications is evolving. Markets such as Customer Data Integration and Product Information Management are changing the game; meeting our new colleagues from DWL last week was an invigorating experience.


James Governor said...

thank christ - a platinum mega value reader. cheers richard. i would love to hear more if you do get any feedback. i am still a little surprised the blog entry recieved no feedback from anyone at IBM until now... but there you go.

James Governor said...

oh yeah - my business partner's blog is way more interesting...

if I do a geek meetup and pay for beer and pizza, do you fancy coming along?

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the comments, James.

If I hear anything I can share, I'll be sure to make it available.

As for Stephen's blog, it's interesting you should mention it. It is a feed I subscribe to but, until now, never read. I think the name ("tecosystems") confused me :-)

Geek meetup - that could be fun. Go for it!

james governor said...

may you live in interesting times... enjoying tecosytems?

Richard Brown said...

Hello again :-)

tecosystems is very interesting... I now look through it daily, I mean to link to a few of his articles when I get back from my current trip.