Saturday, November 26, 2005

Investment Update

It's time for an update of how my foray into equities investing has been going.

The news is currently quite good.

Morrisons (MRW.L) are still trading below the price I paid. Which is, of course, inconvenient.

However, my FTSE 100 tracker is slightly up and my Japan MSCI tracker is up a stonking 14.5% since I bought it a few months ago.

So, it's about three months since I started moving cash into equities and I am currently sitting on a modest 2.9% gain. I think this is pretty good for three months. News stories of four-year highs (such as we have had recently with the FTSE) worry me - in retrospect those kinds of stories are always the ones that mean you should have sold by now... but in the absence of anywhere better to put the cash, I'm going to leave it exactly where it is but keep an eye open...

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