Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why can I only think of business ideas in the FMCG space?

I was reading last week (may have been on New Scientist - I don't recall) that a new theory for the high incidence of MRSA in British hospitals is excessive hygiene - rather than poor hygiene.

The suggestion was that doctors shouldn't use alcohol gels before visiting patients. Rather, they should immerse their hands in live yoghurt. This would have the effect of coating their hands with lots of "good" bacteria and so provide far less opportunity for other opportunistic bacteria to take hold... they would have to compete with the existing ones for resource, space, etc.

My idea is that there probably exists an opportunity for somebody to start selling "pro-biotic" handwashes and kitchen cleaners for households.

Remember, folks, you saw it here first...


James Governor said...

my idea was to link the door opening mechanism to the gunk dispenser - in other words you can't enter unless you wash your hands.

want to go into business with an integrated door lock yoghurt dispenser - do our bit for the NHS and make a mint, powerderject style, in the process

Richard Brown said...


That's a fantastic idea!

We're so wasted in the IT industry. Our offices are pretty much equidistant from Unilever HQ... we should pay them a visit some time :-