Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tres Cantos

I am in Spain this week teaching a group of IBMers and Business Partners from the south west of Europe about WebSphere Process Server. The course has a lot of content so we have to go at a quick pace but people are keeping up - which is good.

I flew out from Gatwick North Terminal. It was a surprisingly pleasant place. It turns out that I've never flown from there before. Whenever I've used Gatwick in the past, I've flown from the horrific south terminal. If I'd seen the north terminal earlier I may have been far less scathing of the airport than I've been in the past.

I'm staying in the Foxa Tres Cantos. It's a pretty nice hotel.... very, very new and has free wireless and high-speed ethernet in every room, large rooms, stunning bathroom and more. The room rate was, however, very low. My colleague Richard Whyte observed that rooms have a red light illuminated outside when the occupant is inside. Judging by the small number of lights on my corridor, I think it is safe to assume they currently have a very low occupancy rate - hence the price. (Of course, the illuminations are useful for staff and fire safety but provide a useful piece of information for burglars)

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