Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nokia Shortage

I ordered a new phone on Monday (to replace my broken Siemens SX1) and rang to check on the status today. According to the person I spoke to at BT Mobile, there is a national shortage - across all networks - of Nokia handsets at present in the UK. She may have meant just my model but she certainly gave the impression of the problem being more widespread.

I don't have any inside knowledge of course so I really wish I had the ability to make use of little tidbits like this. If I could verify it - and assuming it wasn't widely known - I could presumably use it to my advantage if I thought it would affect their next quarterly results.

Sadly, I have no such ability. It'd be nice though...


andyp said...

Out of interest Richard, what model did you order?

Richard Brown said...

Hi Andy,

It was a Nokia 6021.

cheath said...

Rich, I've checked with one of my suppliers (you know how I like mobiles) and he stated the 6021 and 6020 are currently short due to high demand from 'catalogue companies' as they are 'cheap' phones and are available on PAYG and nokia are now concentrating on 3G. He said that the following are widly available 6822,7610,6230i,7260. The 6822 looks interesting its got blackberry support, not sure if it works though ;-)

Richard Brown said...

Thanks Chris.

Doesn't surprise me at all that the standard issue phone at work is the same one that the "catalogue companies" ship by the thousand ;-)

However, I recevied an email last night to tell me that BT Mobile had received some and that my order is now on its way. Phew!