Friday, October 13, 2006

Ballmer talks

It would be better for me if my competitors' leaders were incompetent. When they're not, they should at least be as articulate and clear as Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.

He was spot on in his comments about social networking sites (e.g. ones based on attracting university students will find that 25% of their customers graduate every year... ouch!)

What I found most interesting, however, were his comments on Web 2.0 valuations. His inability to justify some of the valuations should be a warning to us all: I really hope we're not about to enter bubble territory again.


andyp said...

So close to 10,000 hits, and yet so far.

25k. W00t.

Richard Brown said...

Our differing readership numbers are finally getting to me. Would you do me the favour of sending a copy of your "automatic refresh button clicker" please so I can use it on my own site?

andyp said...

yeah, yeah. All natural!

andyp said...

why not register with BritBlog to see if that helps?
(I only registered today, so no news on whether it will, yet).

Anonymous said...

What happened to your Technorati ranking? you tanked.

Richard Brown said...

Britblog signup done... will see what happens!