Sunday, October 29, 2006

Firefox 2.0 backlash begins

Slashdot is reporting on problems with Firefox 2.0.

I like the new look of Firefox 2.0 but I can't say I've noticed any other noticeable improvements.

I have noticed new problems, however.

The one that is annoying me most is that, sometimes when I open a new tab the keyboard focus does not move to the address bar. Sounds trivial but is actually infuriating.

I still use Firefox as my default browser but IE7.0 is certainly going to give them a run for their money.


Anonymous said...

"sometimes when I open a new tab the keyboard focus does not move to the address bar"

I'm so glad I read this before upgrading. That breaks my workflow enough enough to be a deal-breaker. Thanks! :)

David said...

Press 'F6'!

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the suggestion, David - I could also press ^L, but it doesn't help.... when I press ^T for a new tab, the focus should move IMMEDIATELY to the address bar. Not a second later, not two seconds later and certainly not only if I tell it to!

I agree with Anonymous.... it's close to being a deal breaker.

Chris Tomkins said...

If you've got IE Tab installed you might want to read this - sounds like a bug in IE Tab may be the culprit.

Richard Brown said...

Chris... good spot. Thanks for that.

Unfortunately, I don't have IE Tab :-(

Indeed, the only extension I've installed so far is RSSO.

I guess it could be that.... the annoying thing is that the problem is intermittent.