Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cool Video

I don't make a habit of talking about popular culture on here but I couldn't resist linking to a cool music video. The song has been around for a while but I've only recently bothered to watch the video properly.

I'm talking about David Guetta v. The Egg - Love Don't Let me Go (or, rather, the sequence between 1:45 and 2:23)

I'm sure Parkour is very passé these days but I thought it was pretty cool.

The video is also helped by the fact that parts of it look like they were shot at Elephant and Castle's Heygate Estate (darn... I can't find a good photo of it online... which is a shame... it'll be demolished soon. Jon... get some photos, quick!)

(Yes... before anyone says... I don't think it really was shot at E&C but still.... )


elangle said...

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Jon Deane said...

Do you honestly expect me to be brandishing a camera about in Elephant and Castle?

I may be an adrenaline junky, but that's just mad. ;)

Richard Brown said...


You could take a very small one, perhaps.

And a skateboard. For a quick escape.