Sunday, October 15, 2006

Changes are afoot

I've finally got round to upgrading my blogger template to their new beta format.

It appears to have reset my RSS feed so apologies to those who subscribe to this blog... you may have a lot of duplicates now (although I do hope not).


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Andrew Ferrier said...

Yep, dupes of everything :( Looks a bit smarter though.

andyp said...

Apology not accepted. It confused me greatly.

I'm not sure it looks that much smarter. Considered trying any different themes?

David Currie said...

Just assumed you had been particularly prolific over the weekend!

Richard Brown said...

andyp: Yes - I considered making a big change to the template but figured it would be better to take baby steps: upgrade template, update sidebar and then consider a massive redesign if that didn't turn out too stressful.

As for the duplicate posts... sorry!