Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gendal World

Welcome to Gendal World if you've just arrived via

I am an SOA and BPM consultant working for IBM Software Services for WebSphere. This means I help my clients, typically users of IBM WebSphere software, to architect and implement solutions to their integration problems.

I'm currently working in a pre-sales mode, which explains the lack of technical postings of late - I'm not engaging directly on projects at present. I'd love to blog about how we sell our services and how we scope engagements but I suspect you'd find it a bit dull :-)

When I'm not working, I have an avid interest in politics and, especially, the intersection of politics and economics.

I hope you stick around to read future articles I'm preparing on why all business journalists are provably second-rate (spoiler: if there were any good ones, they'd have already fixed the appalling quality of business journalism in the UK), why I think I may be a libertarian (without the guns bit) and, if you're really lucky, I may devise a new design pattern for modern life.


andyp said...

Your link to IBM Software Support is broken.

Richard Brown said...

Thanks Andy. Fixed.