Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TV Star

Can my day get any more exciting?

At the DLR platform at Limehouse this morning, I changed my routine and stood at the end opposite to where I normally stand.

This meant that the District Line was a better way to complete my journey from Bank this morning - as fighting the crowds to the other end of the platform for the Waterloo and City line was unappealing.

This meant I had to walk from Blackfriars along the South Bank to my office.

As I walked along, I noticed one of those boats full of yellow containers that sail up and down the river. One of the containers was missing so I looked over to see what the bottom of the gap looked like... I wanted to know how they were secured to the boat. Imagine my surprise when I realised there was another container underneath.... the boats contain (at least) twice as many containers as I had previously thought.

If this change of routine and voyage of discovery was not enough for one day, I was accosted by a researcher for ITV1's "This Morning" show and asked if I would participate in a segment they were filming.

I had to take a chocolate, eat it, describe the flavour and then react when told what the flavour really was.

I will not spoil their show by giving the answer here... I'll just repeat what I told them: "that was really quite unpleasant".


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to go for the bus+MRT combo to get to work tomorrow (45 minutes), instead of the usual taxi (10 minutes).

So much fame and fun to be had out of a change of routine.

Hmmm, on second thoughts...the extra 35 minutes in bed wins again! No chance of a TV star moment for me then.

Richard Brown said...

Taking a taxi to work? The extravagance!! :-)