Thursday, October 19, 2006

IBM Bloggers

I've only just noticed this useful feed: it aggregates the blogs of all the IBMers who have identified themselves as bloggers.  I suspect the traffic will be overwhelming but it could be useful for a browse

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Sam Ruby said...

Boy, you are quick! :-)

I presume that you chased a referer?

Richard Brown said...

Oops.... hope I didn't pre-announce anything!

Yes - I spotted about three referrers in succession and investigated :-)

Sam Ruby said...

Not a problem: announced!

Richard Brown said...


andyp said...

Useful, but I assume unofficial?
And as such should it really be in a page that looks like it appears to be the site?

Richard Brown said...

Interesting point. I hadn't spotted how similar to the IBM look and feel the page was.

I'm just enjoying the extra traffic for now :-)