Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flower pots

My parents were down this weekend. For such a short trip, we managed to pack a lot in

A walk along the Thames to do a spot of book buying with my father, dinner at Plateau (Andrew's customer service ranking system should know that we enjoyed it and the service was good... discreet, efficient and effortlessly professional when they corrected the only mistake they made) and a rather unplanned trip to the garden centre.

We managed to turn the previously barren patio into the early stages of a real garden: multiple silver plantpots, 450 litres of compost, jasmine, lavender, black grass, passion flower, skimmia, ivy and multiple tulip and daffodil bulbs. The extravagance even extended to my purchasing a cordless power "hammer-action" drill. Those who know me will confirm that purchasing power tools is not how I typically spend a weekend. I'll be putting up shelves next...

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