Sunday, October 29, 2006


My first job at IBM was in the development organisation at the Hursley Lab. The claim back then was that if Hursley was a software company in its own right it would be the fifth or sixth biggest in the world. The story then went on that IBM Software Group was the second biggest overall (after our friends in Redmond).

I was surprised, therefore, when I read this IBM press release last week. Look at the last paragraph:

"Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company"

Yes. That quote really did appear on an IBM Press Release. I did a double-take at the time and promptly forgot about it.

Well... John Simonds in SWG Analyst Relations has just pointed out something interesting... 

"IBM Software Group Surpasses Oracle in SW sales to become Number 2"

So... perhaps the press release was right after all. Oracle may, indeed, have overtaken us at some point.

Good to know it was only a temporary aberration :-)

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