Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can you see what it is yet?!

Diamond Geezer has a fantastic quiz on his blog today.

Using the principle that tube maps distort reality, can you apply a bit of mental manipulation to determine which tube lines are represented by each of these diagrams?

The pictures are well worth a look even if you don't participate in the quiz :-)

Answers in the comments to his post.

[EDIT 2006-10-25 00:03: Diamond Geezer has pointed out in the comments to this post that including his image directly in my post is probably a little impolite. I've removed it but urge you to look at his post anyway... it's rather cool]


diamond geezer said...

Thanks for the mention, Richard, but hotlinking the image is a bit naughty...

Richard Brown said...

Oops.... sorry about that. Didn't realise it was bad form. I *did* link to your post *twice* so hopefully that makes up for it somewhat.

diamond geezer said...

No problem.
(More on "direct linking" here)

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the link :-)