Monday, October 16, 2006

Reuters Reporter Embedded in "Sadville"

The Register seems to have something of a downer on Second Life.

Several of my colleagues are convinced of the potential of Second Life and other "metaverses" and are running with it as hard as they possibly can.

I admire their enthusiasm and passion and am following their progress with interest and admiration.

However, I don't think it's inconsistent also to state that I can't help feeling that I'm missing something. I'm not ashamed to say that I just don't get it.

However, this Slashdot article reminded me why I'm probably wrong. When government starts to realise there's money being made (and decide that they want their cold, dead hands on it), it suggests there really is something interesting going on...

So, even though I'm not convinced this is an area that's "for me", I'm glad to see that people I know and respect are in there and making it their own.


andyp said...

Wondered who would be the first to re-post the Register article. Thought Simon might post about it internally.

To give them credit, it is pretty amusing ;-)

Richard Brown said...


I really need to find a reason to get Ian or Roo (or you, for that matter) to give me a demo.

Andrew Ferrier said...

In fact, how about a SL demo in SL? Oh, wait...

I have to admit I'm with you so far on this one, Richard. I'm investigating SL, as part of general poking my nose in - results not good so far:

However, what I'm most struggling with are the applications - virtual meetings are great, but I'd hope there's more potential than that.

Richard Brown said...

The reason I'm not dismissing it entirely is that I'm sure many of my objections were raised by people who didn't see the value of email/web/cellphones/whatever.

However, I do tend to think that Second Life will not prove to have quite the same impact.

Time will tell!

Roo Reynolds said...

If El Reg is taking the mickey there must be something to it.

I've noticed that my job seems to be done for me these days. I stand up to talk about the commercial opportunities in Virtual Worlds and I've barely got started before someone will ask "oh.. have you heard that Reuters are in Second Life now?". :-)

Richard: next time you are near Hursley (or I am in Southbank) I would love to show you more.

Richard Brown said...

Roo, thanks for the offer; I appreciate it. I'll ping you next time I'm in Hursley :-)